P2E brings Precision and Executional Excellence to public sector business intelligence (BI), data warehouse (DW), data governance, and data analytics initiatives. As a woman-owned, minority-owned, small disadvantaged business, we help government agencies and bureaus to embrace the full scope and potential of their data while maintaining the highest information quality and security.


We architect, build and implement operational databases to collect, modify, and maintain data on a daily basis, as well as analytical databases to store and track historical data for data analysis.


Combining modern methodologies and technologies with our deep expertise in data warehouses and historians, BI and analytics, we help to uncover new opportunities for operational efficiencies and cost savings.


We offer cloud solutions for clients to create databases, store and process data. Our cloud computing solutions are designed to be compliant with NIST Risk Management Framework and FedRAMP requirements.


Our mission-focused, agile approach to project and program management helps our clients do things better, faster and at a lower cost.

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Big Data, cloud computing, the Internet of Things (IoT), and other exciting new intelligence opportunities increase the complexity of data management and utilization. P2E eases the realignment of data processes and infrastructure to incorporate new business requirements and technology innovations.


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Our Mission

We make the most of limited government budgets by optimizing the data and modernizing the data infrastructure, while simplifying integration of new sources as they become available. We provide better ways to harness and synthesize volumes of structured and unstructured data, wherever it resides, into meaningful, actionable intelligence using contemporary tools and methods.


P2E is committed to delivering exceptional services and solutions that provide sustained value to our customers. Let us show you how.